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2011-Dec-10 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #16
I needed to wait for Anne to arrive at 9.00 am to house sit and keep an eye out for bushfire.

While waiting I was able to take a load of vegetation to the tip and then load all the tools back in to the utility.

I was out on site by 10.00 am

The first job was to spend two hours running around with the brush cutter and lawn mower knocking down the last of the wild oats so that is was safe to use an angle grinder.

There were two erected columns on the back veranda that needed 3mm ground off them,.

I didn't do a perfect job but I am hoping Ross can hide the sins with a good wide bead of welding.

Then I moved on to building the false left hand 3 metre veranda section (the bit that gives the house its symmetry at the front).

Previously when talking to Ross, he suggested I weld on a landing to make it easier to place the 3m length of PFC 150.

I needed a piece about 85 mm wide and 6mm thick.

After hunting around I found a short heavy piece of angle iron and cut the strip out off this on the cut off saw.

Despite my rather indifferent welding skills I managed to attach this rather well and then went on the grind the surfaces of the existing piece of PFC down to a knife bevel.

Somehow it had become 5.00 pm and time to pack up.

I left at 6.00 pm.

Next week I will get to trim both ends of a PFC150 ready for butt welding in to position - that will be interesting.

Existing PFC prepared to accept 3m extension