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2011-Dec-3 - Wooroloo - Yard #17
Last weekend when I attempted to make some progress I was disappointed to find that all the recently mown weeds had sprung up again.

This meant it was not safe to do any angle grinding outside - frustrating any attempts to make progress.

I had woofers Paul and Leslie with me this Saturday but I needed to get back home by midday to make sure someone was present to keep an eye out for fire (yes I know I'm being paranoid).

First off I had Paul and Leslie check that all the drippers were running properly.

Then I asked them to roll out the last of the chicken mesh to protect the newly planted trees from marauding sheep.

After that I had Leslie on the lawn mower and Paul on the brushcutter.

While they worked on knocking down the wild oats I gave the wood pile a good going over with the chainsaw - I'm almost down to the pile of earth that can be shovelled across to the organic pile.

Paul and Leslie got through a tremendous amount of work.

I'll only need to spend about 2 hours next week finishing off the brush cutting so that it will be safe to use an angle grinder outside.

Rolling out the last of the chicken mesh

Leslie on the lawn mower

Paul on the brush cutter