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2021-Dec-4 - Wooroloo - Cleanup #1

I spent the entire day completing the brush cutting around the block - I only expected this to take two hours.


I stayed overnight, was up at 5.00 am and outside by 6.00 am.

I collected all the fallen branches around the property and placed them on the trailer.

I then attacked the bamboo thicket and also placed these on the trailer.

By now it was 7.30 am.

I headed to the local transfer station and was the first vehicle admitted at 8.00 am.

Then back on site by 8.45 am to find that Barrie had arrived.

Ian also turned up and brought down two wattle trees on our shared boundry.

I placed these on the trailer and took them home on Saturday night (and to out local transfer station on Monday)

Linda turned up and during a break in the middle of the day we had Ian, Barrie, Jim and Sandy.

Linda's priority for the day was to identify and pull out of the stream of canopy the best branches to form a Christmas tree.

She gave these away to people who had responded to her post on the local news group.

Barrie made good progress and we now have only one crest left to take down.

We have three very tall trunks still standing and I think these will all come down next Saturday

There is a lot of canopy lying in the back yard.

I have already taken away one load on Monday and by next Saturday it will all be gone.

Brushcutting completed

Bamboo cut down

Pine tree removal by the end of the day

Canopy to be taken away