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2011-Nov-12 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #15
For once I achieved what I set out to do - or maybe I'm just starting to lower my expectations.

I was delayed getting out to site.

First I decided to sleep in until 6.00 am instead of getting up at 5.00 am

I rationalised this by saying to myself that I would be very quick having breakfast and still be out there by 7.00 am.

However, we had been having a problem where a lot of our emails didn't seem to be coming though.

Suddenly I realised that it was being caused by another machine on our network running Outlook in the background.

I spent the next hour or two frantically attempting to import the emails in to the machine that we usually use.

Eventually when I reached site I found it very easy to become sidetracked by sorting tools and supplies on to the wonderful shelving unit that Elisa had built.

I pressed on and set up the jig for the two remaining front columns.

The physical jig measurements and the laser level measurement agreed pretty well almost immediately.

I needed to spend quite some time welding on the top plates.

Also the very last column needed to be dropped by 100 mm.

Ross came over to discuss some of the work at my request.

We probably ended up chatting for over an hour.

I ended up tack welding the last column at dusk and left at 7.15 pm


I was out on site by 11.00 am.

I did a little work cleaning up the tack welding from yesterday and spraying it with Galmet.

After that I ran string lines at the top and bottom of the back veranda colums to look for any out of alignment.

There are 3 columns that need to be moved by about 5 mm. I'll need to think about whether this is really necessary.

At this point I suddenly felt really tired, went inside for a 10 minute nap and probably slept for an hour.

I decided that I couldn't work seven days a week and decided to stop for the day (it was already 3.00 pm).

I headed down to Bunnings in Midland for a little light relaxation (window shopping)

This had a very pleasing outcome - I managed to do some shopping that I thought I would need to do on Monday.

I picked up a nice DeWalt 125 mm angle grinder to be my upcoming birthday present.

Also I discovered that they carry some of the Hepworth plumbing fittings - so I was able to obtain all the parts to finalise a tap on the column where the screw pile had been lowered.


I worked well in the morning for my clients and was able to get away at 4.00 pm to finish the work I didn't do on Sunday. It all went very easily now that I was rested.

Column #13

Column #14

Column #17 - reworked

Front row of columns

Top & Bottom string line with 10mm displacement

Calculated column errors

Columns #3,4,5 adjusted and rewelded