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2011-Oct-28 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #13
I took advantage of the CHOGM public holiday on Friday to put in 3 days work over the long weekend.

I was out on site at 8.00 am.

I spent several hours measuring the separation between the back veranda posts as well as their deviation from the vertical.

Then probably another hour discussing the results with Ross.

He strongly recommended that I did not change the separation of any of the columns (he said that a 20mm error would be completely undetected for the column placing).

For the columns slightly off vertical, only one would need a slight repositioning and rewelding.

The others would pull 2mm back in to position without any problem.

Next I worked on column 10. This is a side veranda column, second from the top.

This took extra time as I needed to add in a temporary length of PFC to support the jig.

It was fairly late in the day when I finished this one, but I went on to do a lot of the ground work for #9 (next one towards the creek).

The next morning I was out at 8.00 am and finished setting up the jig then measured, cut and welded the column in to position.

I also made sure that the columns aligned perfectly along this side by checking all these columns with a string line.

From about 13.00 onwards I started working on a complex jig for the corner near Ian.

I had a lot of frustration siting the 5m hypotenuse part of the jig on to its PFC due to the presence of some temporary flashing. I probably spent an hour fighting with this.

Eventually I had the full jig in position and was able to take some preliminary measurements.

I found that the jig physical lengths differed from the laser theoretical lengths by about 6 mm.

I resolved to have another go with the laser level on Sunday.

First thing Sunday (11.00 am start after breakfast at cafe) I checked the level of the existing inner PFC across the front of the building.

I found that this slopes up by 3mm.

I took another set of laser readings for the heights of the 3 columns I was installing and found pretty good agreement with the numbers from the day before.

I fudged all of these up by 2mm to give a reasonable compromise.

The rest of the day went on cutting columns to length and welding on the top plates that I had prepared on a previous weekend.

I was tack welding the last of the columns in position as dusk fell and tidied up in the dark.

Only 3 more columns to install now.

#10 Detail

#10 and #11 - forming a line

#9 Detail

#9, 10, 11 forming a line

#11, 10, 9, 8, 7 forming a line

Front corner jig

3 Columns installed at end of day