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2011-Oct-15 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #10
Continuing on from last weekend.

I installed the last post for the back veranda and then moved on to setting up the front corner.

This needed every single jig and clamp but in some respects was easier as I did not need to work with the adjustable arms.


After a leisurely breakfast I was out on site at 11.00 am and left by 17.00

Firstly, I spent about 2 hours surveying all the columns and beams with the laser level and working out height differences and errors.

At the most extreme, there is a difference of 5mm between once corner of the house and the other.

I also needed to spend a lot of time working out the required length of the front corner column.

This was complicated by the need to find a graceful fudge to smooth out variations in the heights of the beams.

I'm sure I achieved the right result.

I made up a square plate 160 mm x 160 mm x 10 mm and welded this on to the top of the corner column.

The PFC 150 (actually 152) will bolt on to this. This is because it is so close to the ground that it cannot be welded.

I then used the jig to position and hold this column accurately and tack welded to the top of its screw pile.

Then some work was needed to dismantle the jig and tidy away tools.

Last column in the back veranda installed

Setting up the jig for the front corner

Top plate welded on to corner column

Corner column installed

Surveyed Heights