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2021-Feb-27 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #15
Having to get ready for some predicted rain.

I wanted to extend the building wrap up to the top of the wall - but first there were a number of preparation steps.

The temporary TV cable was running between the existing building wrap and the stud frame.

To reroute the cable I found it easiest to drop the mast right down, unplug the cable from the antenna and then rerun it.

This involved loosening the top and bottom U bolts - took about an hour all up.

The next job was to complete the flashing around the stairwell window.

I needed to extend the diagnonal cuts in the building wrap immediately above the window and insert some Poly Flash.

I finished this off by sealing over each cut with some of the Dupont product that I use for flashing around the bottom of window frames.

At this point both Ian and Jim and Sandy popped in but I had to keep working as I had a number of tasks to complete before this part of the site became unbearably hot in the summer sun.

Following this I undid the corner timber trims at each end of the side wall to facilitate installing the building wrap.

I stopped for coffee with Jim and Sandy.

Jim very kindly assisted with installing the building wrap - this is so much easier and quicker with two people on the job.

By now it was mid afternoon and too hot to work on this side of the building.

I took a break for about an hour and a half and then installed one more run of cladding.

I am at the point where I need to move the scaffolding up another 600 mm but first I need to apply the sealant at each join.

I have realised that this needs to be done in the warm weather - so with rain expected on Monday I am hoping to do this on Sunday.

I need to establish a new datum point by marking up the new building wrap but I cannot do this until I move the scaffolding up.


After a pleasant morning having breakfast at a cafe and visiting Bunnings, I headed out to site at around 2.00 pm.

I masked up each gap and applied Sikoflex sealant.

Then I realised it would be very beneficial during the expected rain storm to reinstall some missing flashing.

This could not be done safely off a ladder so I needed to start on the next layer of scaffolding planks.

I managed to set this up very quickly in about an hour and a half and then spent half an hour refixing the flashing.

There is one piece missing - but I have really done everything in my power to keep the rain out.

This scaffolding needs a lot more work to extend it to the full length of the wall and to make it safe.

I may even need to purchase some more clamps and 50 mm pipe.

Progress by the end of the day

Cladding gaps filled with sealant

Start of new scaffolding