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2011-Sep-17 - Wooroloo - Yard #15
I put in a really good day's work - absolutely exhausted now.

I tried to get up at 5.00 am (didn't succeed - 6.00 am instead)

I was out on site by 8.00 am and left at 6.45 pm.

I continued on with the plant care from last week,

I had run out of bags and mulch so this week I went around and worked on anything that was previously missed.

I also planted one of the tea trees that I had bought for Ian.

I managed to miss bringing all the retic fittings I needed to include some of the new plants on the system - so this will need to be done next week.

Next I worked on cleaning up the firewood pile for about an hour.

I cut up and pulled out some decent logs and added them to the new log pile.

A lot of the other wood is fairly scrappy, or disintegrating or covered in soil.

I wasn't sure if this could be used for firewood eventually or needed to be taken to the green waste.

I'm concerned that it might smoke or smell a lot.

In the end I decided to stack it on a pallet, off the ground and give it a year to bleach and wash clean out in the elements.

I intend to introduce a few more pallets next to it, including one for kindling.

All the sawdust in the workshop area needs to be removed - it is both a fire and a termite risk.

Most of the rest of the day went on scraping this up and carting it up the black of the block where there are some other heaps of organic material.

The pile grew reasonably large by the end of the day.

When the Boral Quarry Dust is eventually removed, these piles of organic material will replace the sand and help create a fertile garden.

There is also an area at the entrance to the workshop. This was very untidy - covered in leaves, sawdust, slipped earth from above and a pile of yellow sand.

I was unsure what to do with the yellow sand so worked around it carefully removing all the other debris.

In the end I decided to load as much as I could in to two plastic bins and removed the remainder to the back of the block.

In this same area is a screw pile that needs lowering. This is complicated by the presence of a number of services.

I had to carefully excavate around the pile without damaging electrical conduit and a water pipe.

Finally, as night approached, I made a start on cleaning up around the water tank.

This is full of twigs and composting leaves and is a real fire hazard.

I collected a barrow load of twigs and these will go on to the kindling pile.

Then I raked out the leaves in to a heap that will go on the organic pile.

I'm only half way through this - a job to finish off next week.

Everything along the creek bagged and mulched

Mulching near Ian's shed

One of the tea trees planted

Cleaning up the wood pile

Scraping up the sawdust in the workshop area

Nice pile of organic material growing

Cleaning up at entrance to workshop

Excavating around the screw pile

Cleaning up around the water tank