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2011-Sep-10 - Wooroloo - Yard #14
I had a whole list of tasks in my mind to complete today.

I even tried to get up at 5.00 am (didn't succeed - got up at 6.30 am)

I was out on site by 8.00 am and left at 6.00 pm.

When the first rains came about 3 months ago I quickly planted a number of sheoaks.

About all I did was pop them in the ground - no retic, no mulch, no protective bags.

Today I went around, weeded them, mulched them and bagged them.

Everything is looking very good today (one of the river gums even has some tiny little orange gumnuts).

However, often the enthusiastic growth of spring wilts and dies in the extreme of summer.

I'm hoping I can keep a few more alive this year.

Next week I need a few more bags, some more mulch and my kit of retic fittings.

I also applied some SeaSol to just a few (don't trust it yet - so didn't want to kill all of them by mistake).

The last thing I did at the end of the day was erect some new safety barrier at the front of the block.

Giving some TLC to all the plantings

Making some progress along the creek line


Safety Barrier installed