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2011-Sep-3 - Wooroloo - Tree Felling #7
Pretty much a repeat of last weekend.

A fairly leisurely start to the day followed by drilling cleats until midday.

Then out to Wooroloo, carrying about 60m of 100mm purlins I bought during the week.

Once at Wooroloo I continued to work on slicing up the large logs, cleaning up the wood pile and brush cutting the front verge.

The large logs are taking a lot of work - each log needs to be cut down in to three slices and then each slice needs to be cut in to quarters.

Anything larger is too heavy to lift in to a wheelbarrow.

I left around 6.30 pm. I still need to drill out the final pack of cleats during the week.

I think I'm starting to get my enthusiasm back again.

For the first time in several months I was hankering to come back the next day to do some more.

Slicing up the large logs

3 out of 4 cleat packs delivered