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2011-Aug-27 - Wooroloo - Tree Felling #6
Before I left for Wooroloo, I spent some time drilling holes in the cleats.

My friend Ian Chalmers had very kindly got me started on drilling these out, 4 at a time, in my drill press. He showed me the correct technique and this got me off with a flying start.

Over the last few weeks I have also made up 'holding brackets' for each run of cleats- we have up to 44 cleats in a run - and this is not a collection that you can just pop in to a cardboard box - it needs a pretty strong package to hold it.

Once out at Wooroloo, I had noticed last weekend that Ross had done some cleaning up of my yard near the creek - there was some extra canopy on the firewood pile and bark pushed up in to a heap

I loaded the canopy on to the trailer and then attacked the firewood heap for a while with the chainsaw. This allowed me to tidy up its shape a little and to grab any scrappy firewood and add to the pile on the trailer (we are talking about things like bamboo roots here).

This all goes to the green waste dump at Mundaring transfer station and is eventually turned in to garden mulch - a bit more green than just having a bonfire.

I intend to gradually work through the firewood pile, eventually cutting all the pieces in to chunks that will fit in to the slow combustion heater that I have already bought. This will eventually be installed on the street level floor and it will be good to have a ready supply of fuel.

There was also a considerable pile of firewood in the 'Workshop' area and I moved this to the fire wood pile as well - about 10 barrow loads.

After this, there were some larger logs that I managed to cut up in to usable pieces and I also added them to the pile.

By the end of the day I had achieved a neat fire wood pile and this gave me some satisfaction (Oh for the simple life).

Next week, I still need to attach the six really large logs, but with a fresh start I am sure I can dispose of them and then get the workshop area completely cleaned up.

Final load of canopy off to the green waste

Wood pile by the end of the day

Template, finished and blank Cleats

Drilling the holes in the Cleats

A pack of Cleats