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2011-Jul-16 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #5
I stayed home this Saturday to prepare the cleats for the veranda purlins.

I need 165 all up.

During the last two weeks, Thomas, our woofer, has managed to cut 62 from the stock 150mm x 6 mm x 3m lengths (I bought 4 x 3m lengths).

It has cost me about $240 for steel and about $90 for cutting disks plus a lot of time.

After this exercise I might price them up from, say, Roofmart.

They just punch them out - maybe I should have just bought them ready made.

Anyway - today I managed to cut another 39 (as well as grind them).

So still another 64 to cut and then all the drilling that is required.

Sigh ....

Hopefully I will have them ready in time for Ross and Derek to weld in to their beams.

I don't really know where the day went - mind you - I didn't start until 10.00 am, then stopped for lunch and later a coffee - so I can't say that I was working really hard at it.

Setup for cutting cleats

First stage of productions - raw cut cleats