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2021-Nov-20 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #48
During the week I prepared the next 8 floorboard runs.

I stayed out on site on Friday and installed the first 4.

With the advantage of not needing to close up the roof overnight I was able to reinstall/uninstall the various roof uprights to give myself a racing start for the next day.


I was outside by 6.00 am and dealt with a number of chores that I had been meaning to do for quite some time.

At 8.30 am Barry showed up.

I have been very lucky to get hold of him.

I have been trying for many weeks to find a tree climber to take down 4 very large pine trees next to the house - they are a fire hazard.

The big fire we had 9 months ago started 500 metres to the north of us so I am very aware of fire hazards on our property.

Barry did a great job and had the first tree down in 3 hours.

This is the smallest tree and all the others may take twice as long.

We will aim to do one tree a week.

The canopy took me two trips to the green waste area at the tip.

Sandy became very creative and found a number of people who wanted a section of the waste for a Christmas tree.

There are now a number of potential Chrismas trees lying on our verge with a sign "Free Christmas tree".

Let's see if next weekend I can finish off the floor boards and also get another tree down.

Getting closer to the end

First tree down

Second load

Free christmas trees