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2011-Jul-2 - Wooroloo - Tree Felling #2
I took all sorts of pieces of steel, dexion shelving, steel for cleats and the welder out to Wooroloo arriving at 7.15 am.

My intention was to construct a jig to assist in the accurate positioning and installation of the veranda columns.

I had figured that if I did this work I could save maybe $2.5K on the job.

However, I am not feeling very well at the moment and after talking to Ross I decided it was better to leave the job in his hands rather than overextending myself.

I will fabricate the cleats during the week during work breaks.

Instead I spent most of the day attempting to clean up the timber from the tree felling.

Some pieces were two thirds the size of a fridge and I struggled to cut them up with my small chainsaw.

By the end of the day I was having trouble starting my chainsaw and later diagnosis found that the crankcase was leaking.

So - time to buy a new chainsaw unfortunately

Start of a jig for positioning columns

Tree down

Impossibly large logs for me to cut up

What I have managed to process so far