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2011-Jun-25 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #4
Didn't really achieve anything today and went home at 3.30 pm in despair.

The tree lopper didn't turn up.

Excuses so far are:

  • I had a bad migraine for 3 days
  • I ran out of credit on my mobile and couldn't call you back
  • My radiator hose split. My radiator needs replacing
  • My rope man got drunk, fell over and injured his wrist.

On the steel works front:

I had originally hoped that all the street level and veranda steels could be fabricated and installed with 100 hours of labour. ($5000) So far we have run up 66 hours and managed to weld a few pieces of steel together.

It turns out that it takes a lot of time to weld used steel together.

I've done a rough estimate and it looks like it will cost at least $15,000 and possibly drift up to $20K.

I asked my steel worker to come over and discuss any areas of the project where I could do some of the work but he hadn't turned up by the time I left.

It turns out I just missed him - he came over to talk to me but I had already left.

The tree lopper turned up on Monday and did the job.