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2011-Jun-18 - Wooroloo - Tree Felling #1
Last week I made a tentative start on felling the tree.

This week I made a more concerted effort.

The process was slow as I had to work in between the rain showers - because I was using an electric telescopic chainsaw I could not afford to get it wet, plus I did not want to slip on any surfaces.

Whenever it started raining I nipped back inside and worked on denailing the the 100 x 50 mm timbers.

Also, whenever I felt tired I stopped to take a rest and reduce the risk.

The problem with the telescopic chain saw is that all the weight is in the head and when it is fully extended it takes quick reactions and a lot of strength to stop the machine falling in a large arc and striking the ground below.

The first area I tackled was near the large overburden pile. There is a separate tree that fell over many years ago and is now running almost horizontal with a number of vertical shoots.

This was also impinging on the veranda area so I carefully trimmed it back in stages working off the ground, the brick piles and the roof.

Next I set up the structure I had visualised during the week - two A frame ladders acting as a high scaffold with rope to one of the ladders to stabilise it.

I had to keep releasing the rope and moving the structure around on the roof as I worked my way around an overhead branch.

I trimmed this down in 150mm lengths so that the falling pieces did not damage the temporary roof sheeting.

However, at a higher branching was a live 8 metre piece of canopy that I needed to drop in one piece.

I managed to throw a rope over this and apply tension. Then I made some very careful tentative cuts eventually about 80% through the branch. I then pulled it down using the rope.

It made a depression in the temporary roof. We have more work coming up so rather than replace the sheeting I have just bogged up the edges, for now, where a pool will appear.

There was a lot of cleaning up work removing sawn up pieces and branches from the roof.

This was followed by an hour of sweeping after which I removed a whole barrow load of sawdust and termite castings.

I have now done all the pruning that I am capable of - now it's time to bring in a professional tree lopper - so a few phone calls to make during the coming week.

Last week's work plus some trimming behind

Pruning I achieved by the end of the day

The large branch I had to drop on to the roof

Damage done to the temporary roof

View from behind house