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2011-May-29 - Wooroloo - Timber #1
About 4 weeks ago I noticed some termite activity in my piles of 100 x 50 timber.

I had not been particularly concerned as I knew I had a few pieces of karri mixed in with the jarrah and I assumed that these had been hit.

Anyway - it was a background nagging worry. So on Saturday I decided to curtail my activity out on site at 3.00 pm and head home to look at the issue.

I pulled all the protective sheet metal off and was horrified to discover that a complete pack of jarrah had been badly attacked.

Now this is very surprising as usually they just have an exploratory nibble on the surface and just give up.

Here we had lengths of jarrah that had been eaten right through.

I spent Sunday working through several heaps of timber.

We cut up the badly affected lengths as firewood (very expensive firewood) and restacked the timber on new gluts.

The timber is currently 100 x 50 mm with variations. I intend to gauge it all down to 90 x 45 mm so I am hoping that a lot of the slightly nibbled pieces will come good.

This is forcing me to look at the gauging process a whole lot earlier than I anticipated.

Also I will move all the completely untouched timber out to the garage area at Wooroloo this coming Saturday - again much sooner than I wanted to.

For the slightly nibbled jarrah I will set up some steel bed frames with extra legs and load them up well off the ground so that there is no huge rush to process them and move them to Wooroloo

One pack almost completely destroyed

Main pack - damage gets worse towards other end