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2011-Apr-23 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #2
Here's what I had hoped to do on Saturday :

1) Install retaining ring around Eco Max

2) Paint top timber for shade cloth

3) Insulation batts out of garage and workshop areas

4) Cut gable edge covering out of flat sheet metal and install

5) Remove temporary site toilet.

Here's what I managed to do:

I arrived at 6.30 am and left at 6.00 pm.

I carried on last week's job of installing the metal sheeting in to the gable.

I needed to replace the original sheeting (taken down about six weeks ago) because this covering needs to allow the veranda floorboards to be installed.(ie it needs a very thin profile)

A few noggings needed to be inserted to back up the sheets where they joined mid span.

By the time I also put the original corner flashing back on this took up the majority of the day.

It was a relief to pull down all the temporary blue tarpaulins.

Another reason why I wanted to install the gable sheeting was to see if I had any left over to use as a base for the outside toilet once I decommissioned it.

I put a lot of work in to building this in the first place and I am hoping I can sell it to someone else who is just starting up a construction project.

I need to mount it on to a metal floor with skids. I have some 1.3 m 150 Z purlins that are of no use for anything else.

I carefully worked through the sheets using up the ones with holes in them - only to find the very last once, whch I had been carefully preserving, has a hole smack bang in the middle.

I can still use - I think I will somehow convert this hole in to a floor drain so it looks like it is meant to be there.

I am hoping that if Ross needs to get this sheeting off, he can do it in about 10 minutes.

I will give it a quick spray with "Woodlands Grey" soon and then draw copious markings on it (insert Tab A in to Slot B sort of thing) so that it can go up and down quickly.

I also managed to give the wooden batten (for the back door shade cloth area) its coat of top paint (Classic Cream)

I was torn between starting on removing the temporary toilet and cleaning up the street verge.

When I had a good look at my street verge I realized how untidy it had become - so I put in about two hours knocking down tall grass with a brush cutter and picking up rubbish and fallen twigs and branches.

It looks a lot better now, but once again I am mystified as to where a whole day went.

Had to insert some noggings

All the metal sheets in place

With flashing reinstalled

Batten with top coat

Front verge after cleanup