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2021-Nov-6 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #46
During the week I reworked the 4 runs that I took home to add an extra 80 mm to the starting position.

This mistake shows up in the photographs (look for the half moon holes) but should almost disappear when I insert the plugs.

On Saturday, my first job was to check the positioning and cramping of the run from last week and then fix it down.

Again, I was at a transition between supporting frames and needed to spend a few hours reinserting some and removing others.

I then fitted, checked and screwed the next run of 4.

So in this quarter of the roof I have installed 36 with another 24 to go.

A couple of weekends installing 12 runs will see me completed.

Jim came over as I was packing up and very kindly helped me screw the roof sheeting back down.

This was an enormous help as I am usually very tired by this point, it's hard to position the sheets on my own, and night is drawing in.

Progress by the end of the day