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2011-Jan-29 - Wooroloo - Yard #1
I arrived on site at 6.30 am, leaving at 6.30 pm

With the kitchen finished (apart from a long list of annoying little details), it was time to move on to the steel work for the street level and verandas.

I had intended to strip off a section of the temporary roof to allow Ross access to the previously installed "sockets".

However, the forecast was for a large cyclone bearing down on the South West, crossing anywhere between Perth and Albany - so not a good day to remove the protection.

Ross was lined up to adjust the tappets on my utility today - so he was keen to have the vehicle delivered to his work area to allow it to cool as soon as possible.

First I needed to unload a considerable amount of materials and tools .

Before I could unload the steel columns (SHS 75mm x 75mm x 4mm) - I had to create a storage space for them in the garage. This involved quickly clearing an area 4m by 2 m on the floor of a crowded and untidy garage - but I managed somehow, creating even more chaos.

Shortly after, Ross arrived for a chat. We talked for about an hour re the steel work and life in general. I made coffee for a guest in the kitchen for the very first time - using Ian's camping table as a kitchen table.

When Ross had left I started measuring, counting, and recording the PFCs at the back of the yard. It became extremely hot and I had to stop at just the essential 180mm beams at this stage.

I started tidying up on the North side of the house. I brought in the flashing and stacked it with the columns.

It even became too hot to work here so I spent the next 4 hours cleaning up and tidying in the garage area.

A rainstorm arrived early afternoon. It was a relief from the humidity but knocked out the power (I read the next day that a large swath of damage had been suffered between nearby York through to Beverly).

I started working outside in the drizzle. In the warm rain I became saturated without even noticing.

I lifted all the cement sheeting offcuts off the pallets and stacked them elsewhere. I put away the pallets and tarpaulins.

Finally I used a mattock and steel rake to dig out all the weeds and rake up the leaves on the North side of the house - this now gives Ross a nice clean level work area for fabricating the steel beams.

Counting the PFCs

A bit tidier in the garage area

Cleaned up on the creek side of the house