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2011-Jan-24 - Wooroloo - Annoying cleanup jobs
Cosmetic improvements to upright and cross members in kitchen sink cabinet (insert piece and paint)

Resurface front edge of kitchen sink middle shelf.

Fill, sand and paint raw edge of kitchen sink cabinet (LHS) with white gloss paint.

Flexible grout under temporary corner tiles on kitchen western wall between kitchen sink cabinet and southern wall.

Flexible grout at bottoms of door frames.

Scrape sticky rubbish off tiled floors.

Resurface top edge kitchen sink riser near back door.

Removed discoloured silicon sealant between kitchen sink cabinet footing and tiles.

Repaint internal back door surface.

Washing machine connections above kitchen sink - cosmetic cover plates.

Bathroom vanity - swap hot and cold around.

Bathroom washine machine connections - install taps

Bathroom - no more gaps down edges vanity and laundry trough and door frame, top edge of some corner tiles.

Bathroom - additional flexible grout in some corner tiles.

Bathroom door frame - carefully sand back bump in paintwork and paint all of door frame ivory.

Bathroom door internal - paint ivory.

Bathroom - paint in ivory.

Bathroom - carefully sand paint drip on side of vanity and apply another coat of white gloss.

Remove grout from both floor grates

Bathroom - clean shower screen and mirror

Bathroom - rubbish out of trough.

Dust and clean out all cupboards.

Install telescopic mirror, towel rack, toilet paper holder.