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2010-Dec-25 - Wooroloo - Home Maintenance #2
Looking back over my log I can see that my last burst of home maintenance was in August 2007.

Our home residence is looking sadly neglected with all my attention going in to the Wooroloo building.

The only thing that has saved it from total decay has been all the energy and effort that has come from the Woofers staying with us.

I didn't want to just sit around on Christmas day stuffing my face with food or watching videos. (We caught up with friends on Boxing Day)

At the same time, it would have been pretty sad if I spent Christmas Saturday working out at Wooroloo.

Instead I hit upon a plan that combined a bit of Christmas cheer with some useful activity and let Linda and me work together.

We worked through a list of long outstanding chores that weren't being done around the house.

  • Replaced a missing tile in our ensuite shower
    (Removed a year ago when the plumber repaired a broken hot water pipe in the wall.
    Mousse did a wonderful job of cleaning up the shower for me)
  • Replaced a broken floor tile in the communal toilet entrance
  • Installed a new deadbolt lock with lever handles on the front door
  • Glued a broken chair back together
  • Painted the corner kitchen cupboard with gloss paint.
  • Replaced the broken waste outlet fitting in the vanity hand basin.

Broken tile replaced at toilet entrance

New deadlock installed at front door

After the first coat of stain

Shower wall cavity patched with mortar

Shower new tile installed and grouted

After cleaning the shower and sealing corners