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2010-Dec-11 - Wooroloo - Installing Kitchen #7
I was out to site at 6.30 am Saturday morning.

The first job was to rub back the touchups on the flushing from last week.

This was pretty tough work and took me an hour and a half.

Even after this, I still had to repair a few more areas.

I painted the back of bathrooom door "Classic Cream" and painted the kitchen side in "Ivory"

Again, pretty slow going - trying to achieve an even coat, avoid runs and avoid dripping on to other surfaces.

Then I painted the kitchen side of the door frame in "Ivory"

I applied Flexible Grout and "No More Gaps" to the tiles next to garage door.

Next I started work on improving the appearance of the kitchen sink cabinet.

This was second hand and in its original configuration had been inserted between two walls.

This meant that both sides had a raw finish.

I had purchased two pieces of white laminated chipboard for this, but had been very nervous about making a start on it.

The reason is that laminated chipboard nowadays seems very cheap and nasty - basically it was chip board covered in a thin adhesive plastic. Even loading and unloading it chipped the edges very easily.

I was unsure how I was going to cut it to size without making an absolute mess of it.

In the end I cut each side to within 100 mm of the final size and then used a saw guide against this edge to do a clean pass.

In addition I taped over the area to be cut with a good quality tape cloth.

The end result was good - just a few minor nicks in the cut edges.

The only really visible edge was a small section 300 high forming a bench edge near the kitchen door.

I ended up treating the LHS differently from my original intentions - I was going to cover the entire end with a sheet, but instead just inserted a smaller sheet in to the void area.

It looks ok but there is still a raw chip board edge that needs treating.

The LHS I was able to fasten on my own , but I gave up and asked Ross for help to fasten the larger RHS.

Afterwoods I applied various gap fillers to the bench corner and insertion against the door frame.

I also used a cheap electric iron, bought for the purpose, to heat glue on the edging and then trimmed it from 20mm back to 16mm to give a neat appearance on the RHS.

I had hoped to at least apply a coat of sealer to one wall that day.

However, I was tired by now so I packed up at 8.30 pm and went home.


Went out to site at 7.00 pm and worked through to 10.00 pm.

Rubbed back the touch up work on the flushing.

Gave the first enamel coating on the bathroom door a light sanding.

Applied the second coat of enamel to the bathroom door and door frame.

Applied the first coat of enamel to the kitchen / garage door.

Retouching reflushed

Painting door and frame with kitchen colour

Grouting around tiles near garage door

Kitchen unit tidied up

Gaps treated, edging applied