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2010-Nov-27 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #19
After making three evening visits during the week I was too tired to head out on Friday night.

Instead I headed out Saturday morning and started work around 8.30 am.

The first job was to reapply sealant to all the tile edges I had worked on during the evenings.

After that, I applied the top plaster coat to the corner above the shower cubicle.

The rest of the day went on applying two coats of top coat to the entire bathroom.

One annoying diversion was discovering that the hardware store had made an error in tinting my paint.

While applying the first, top coat I started to become suspicious that the colour was not quite right.

I assumed that it would change a little while it dried.

When this didn't happen I assumed that it was the lighting in the bathroom that made it look wrong.

It wasn't until I made up some colour swatches using previous cans of paint that I had been supplied with that I could see an obvious difference in colour.

Now I'm a bit red - green colour blind - so it must have been a big difference for me to see it.

I had to stop work and make a trip from Wooroloo to Mundaring and back again in order to have the paint replaced.

This new tint looked a lot better but in some places I had to do another two coats to cover up the previous layer.

At the end of the day I am thinking that "Colorbond Classic Cream" is still not the right colour to go with the floor tiles.

I'm wondering if we need something like the tile grout ("Vanilla") for a pleasing colour combination.

Anyway, I continued on with the second top coat, cleaned everything up and reinstalled the toilet cistern and wall mirror.

The room looks very neat and tidy, even if the colour combination is not right.

I still need to finish painting the door frame and door in order to finalise the bathroom.


Linda and I popped out to look at the colour scheme and remeasure the amount of tiles needed for the kitchen.

We mixed up a small sample of our "Vanilla" tile grout powder and we will take this to Bunnings to see if they can match a tint to it. The other Class Cream top coat will not be wasted - I will used it in the garage area.

While I was there I applied a little bit of missing etch primer to the door frame, ready for top coating during the week.

Bathroom painting completed

Corner above shower