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2021-Oct-23 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #44

Met the plumber out on site to deal with blocked drain issue.

It turns out that there is a crack in the pipe allowing the ingress of roots.

All sorted for now as well as a plan to move the DT around the corner in a future rework.


Lost opportunity today.

Alex very kindly identified a demolition site with floorboards at a very reasonable rate but needing immediate removal.

I was very disappointed that I had to pass on the opportunity:

1) I was feeling ghastly after my second vaccine injection on Tuesday

2) After 2 months of almost no work, my client has given me a good chunk of hours to tackle - I need to do as many as possible before the end of the month so I have something to invoice for and bring in some needed cash flow


Installed another 4 floorboard runs

Very scrappy photo taken with flash at end of Sat