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2010-Nov-13 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #17
I didn't get out to site until 7.30 am on Saturday morning.

The first job was to clean up after all the plumbing work so that there will be no impediment to obtaining the certificate of completion.

The 50mm waste pipe from the laundry trough to the EcoMax Tpiece had a join in the middle that had not been glued, and the trench had not been completely back filled.

I carefully cleaned the trench out to ensure the level was retained, glued the joiner and then back filled.

The only section that I have not backfilled is the waste line from the outside toilet.

As soon as I have painted the bathrooom and fitted a door - this will be disconnected - so I will leave it exposed for a few weeks more.

The next job was to clean up all the flanging of waste pipes as they emerged from the walls.

The trough flange was light metal but needed to be cut and siliconned to conform to the profile of the weatherboard.

The same applied to the toilet waste line - but here I used a self adhesive cover sheet (A4 size) from Reeces. I cut a template out of cardboard first and experimented with this before finalising in plastic.

All of these will look a lot more tidy once I give the outside wall a second coat of paint.

I also tidied up the floor waste outlets using a technique that Wayne suggested. This involved running the 50mm waste pipe in to a section of vertical 100m waste line, capped off with a collar and grill. Inside the 100 mm waste pipe the 50 mm pipe was capped off with a flapper fitting. This allowed the best of all worlds - the waste line is sealed from pests coming in, the flapper cannot be blocked by soil, there is a small cavity for the first rush of water to flow in to, the grill can be lifted and the cavity can be cleaned out.

The next big job was to install the shower screen - this has been taking up room in the garage since last December and has been taken in and out of the bathroom at various stages to check the fit (the problem with building a bathroom to fit a shower cubicle rather than vice versa).

It all went together pretty much as planned and I was very pleased that all of my screws connected with the extra steel inside the stud walls that I had planned and incorporated over a year ago.

I had expected one section to have to stand away from the slope of the wall but this was not necessary - so everything has screwed down very snuggly and with copious application of silicon between every piece of aluminium frame and the tile surface is looking very solid.

The only tricky part was relocating a bottom hinge piece to set the door up correctly - however this only involved the drilling out and reapplication of two rivets - so pretty easy really.

The glass surfaces were completely covered in a layer of dust - I have given it a preliminary clean but it is still very smeary and needs a second going over.

By now it was 7.30 in the evening but I was determined to make more progress - so I installed the mirror fixing, cut new slots in the second hand mirror and mounted it in the bathroom.

I packed up and left at 10.30 pm.

Just a bit of grouting next week and I should be able to paint out the bathroom soon.

The only part of the sewer system not backfilled

Trough flange tidied up and glued down

Toilet waste flanged and tidied up

Floor wastes tidied up

Cubicle wall channel screwed to backing stud steel

Drill bit for ceramic tiles

Shower cubicle completed

Mirror mounting

Mirror installed