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2010-Oct-18 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #15
A bit of a strange day today.

It's Monday and I should be cracking on with work for my clients - but all sorts of events keep pulling me back to the house construction.

First, I have been talking to a company called JDS Metal Doorframe Manufacture Pty Ltd.

I need two door frames to finish off the bathroom and kitchen.

I know my order is just a pissy little order in amongst the big builders but they have been very polite and helpful.

I have been dragging my feet sending them a confirmation order and rang them up this morning to ask for an email confirming prices.

I was surprised to see a delivery truck turn up with my doors mid morning.

It seems that someone jumped the gun a little and put the order through for manufacturing last week.

The price was what I was expecting and after a little trepidation about the sizes I found that the doors fitted perfectly.

Also they seemed better made than the last door I bought - probably a thicker gauge of metal.

So all in all I was quite delighted to have them turn up today.

Well done JDS !

Another distraction was the tree lopper - I found someone who climbs up trees to fell them (as opposed to $300 per hour for a cherry picker) and he turned up this morning, did the job and popped in on the way through for payment.

A very neat, clean job done for a reasonable price.

His company is called Barry's Trees and he is in the Mt Helena area - I would recommend him.

Then Ian my next door neighbour rang.

He had bad news and good news.

It appears that the pressure regulator we installed on Tuesday had blown apart and he had to turn the water off.

I think he must have caught it pretty soon after it failed as we did not have any small lakes around the house.

This was the bad news.

The good news is that he was interested in having the pine logs from the tree lopping.

He will dry them for a year and then they will make good kindling.

I was delighted to have the major volume of the tree lopping removed for me.

I decided I would deal with the pressure regulator problem immediately.

Reeces agreed to replace the part immediately. I asked if there was a more expensive solid brass model.

It turns out that there is - it is not adjustable - just fixed at 600 Kpa - but that is fine.

I shot down to Midland and purchased the more robust regulator and then drove out to Wooroloo to install it.

Ian, my next door neighbour is a qualified plumber and very kindly installed it for me.

I was also very pleased to see that he had already removed a large quantity of the tree lopping.

I helped for about another twenty minutes to move some more and also checked my door frames for fit.

So all in all - a slightly disasterous day that turned out well.

Last remaining timber from the tree lopping

Door frames

All that we could find of the pressure regulator

Plastic thread has been ripped off

The new, expensive, all brass regulator