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2010-Oct-16 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #14
I was out to site by 8.30 pm on Friday evening.

I had quite a few items to bring inside first - brushcutter and chainsaw for Eve and Xavier to use, reticulation fittings and18 mm pollytube.

The first job was to install another piece of wall sheeting attachment where the stud frame did not have a backing piece of steel. This was becoming urgent because Eve was getting near to applying the first base coat of plaster flushing in this area.

Other jobs kept me working up until 2.00 in the morning.

I had really been looking forward to having my first hot shower in the house.

However, the first gas delivery was not due until Saturday.

In an attempt to have a hot shower before turning in on Friday night, I took a couple of BBQ gas bottles with me.

However, they did not have enough pressure to keep the pilot flame running on the heater - so not hot shower, which was a great disappointment.

I was up at 6.00 am the next morning.

Just as I returned from the local deli with my Saturday newspaper, I heard the unmistakeable sound of the Kleenheat Gas delivery truck (sounds like multiple church bells chiming as the gas bottles clang against each other)

The night before I had placed a house number at the top of my driveway to assist the delivery men to find my house. I had just reached my driveway after walking back from the shop so I frantically waved this at the delivery truck and they pulled in.

They quickly installed two bottles and I was pleased to find that the pilot light now stayed on in the instantaneous gas heater.

So - I now definitely have hot water. I celebrated by washing up all my dirty plates, glasses, mugs and teaspoons in the kitchen sink using the new tap hot water facility.

The only other outstanding problem I have with the plumbing at this stage is that the pressure reduction valve, out on the street, at the water meter, gives one hell of a howl as water passes through it.

I was concerned that this was going to disturb my neighbour Ian until I suddenly heard a howl coming from his water meter. It turns out that he has a similar reduction valve fitted and it makes just as much noise.

I checked with him later, and mine is not upsetting him - he just said that he was a bit puzzled that morning as he could still hear a howl even when his taps were turned off. It took him a little while to realise that the noise was coming from my house.

Gradually, during the day, the howl settled down - so I'm thinking that if I just leave the water turned on permanently it might go away.

I'm a bit nervous about leaving the house unattended with the water turned on as in the past we have had piping failures which have created small man made lakes around the house.

I might pop out on Sunday and just check that everything is OK.

I have an hour or so missing from my memory at this point. I can't remember what I worked on first thing. Every few months I get what I call a "Deja Vu" attack. They came after I had heart surgery about six years ago. I suspect that they are a migraine in the frontal cortex - they disrupt my memory and recall, but apart from that are harmless.

Anyway, the next thing I recall is Linda bringing Eve and Xavier out to site to help me, around about 9.30 am ?

I tasked Eve with brushcutting to finish off the work she has done at the front of the block.

Xavier, I assigned to reinstalling the reticulation controller and activating the solenoid attached to the garden tap.

They then both worked on enhancing the reticulation along the creek to include the newly planted trees.

We are only allowed to reticulate once a week with the current water restrictions, but along with a hand watering on weekends, this should be enough to keep the young trees along the creek line in good health over summer.

By mid day it was getting hot so Eve and Xavier worked on jobs inside.

Xavier on painting (skirting boards and back of sink cabinet) and Eve on flushing wall sheeting joints in the garage area.

They also worked on filling in holes in the cabinet work and rubbing back the door frame ready for repainting.

I spent most of the day rubbing back the screw head filling and applying the second base coat.

It all seemed to take a surprising amount of time but it means I will be ready for the top coat next weekend.

As the day cooled, Eve and Xavier resumed their work on the reticulation and did a great job of setting it all up.

We packed up up at 7.00 pm and headed home.

Lots of good things achieved by Eve and Xavier - a very productive day

Yay! - we've got gas on now !

Xavier reticulating the trees on the creek line

Eve reticulating

Xavier painting the back of the sink cabinet

Eve preparing to apply base coat plaster

Applying base coat

Xavier patching damage in the cabinets

Patching damage in the door frame

Preparing the door frame for repainting

Recommissioning the solenoid

Programming the reticulation controller

My work - base coat and tape in the corners

Screw head filling rubbed back and 2nd base coat

Repairs to wall around toilet cistern tap