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2010-Oct-12 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #13
Yay !

On Tuesday, Wayne came and finished off all the plumbing !

  • Connected up toilet and cistern
  • Connected trough waste to ecomax
  • Connected up copper for trough
  • Connected kitchen sink waste to ecomax
  • Connected up copper for kitchen sink
  • Installed filter system under sink
  • Tested the gas installation
  • Started up the gas HWS using a small gas bottle
  • Installed a pressure reduction valve at the mains.

I took the day off to answer any questions and help out with trench digging and running off to the hardware for parts.

I put in a really long day on Monday to make up for not working on Tuesday.

I forgot to take my camera - so no photos of this work until next Saturday

The shower throws a lot of water beyond the hobb so I will need to wait until I have installed the shower stall walls before I can use it.

However, it is really great to have hot water, an inside toilet and a working sink.

Some of the waste lines on the outside of the house need some flanges fitted over the hole to tidy them up - I'll get to this over the next few weeks.

Wayne had to use a repair kit in the 100 mm sewer line from the toilet because I had already cemented it in to position - apparently, the plumber usually fixes the toilet pan last on to the end of the waste line.

Just before Wayne dropped the laundry trough in to its final position I was able to apply silicon sealant under its lip and across the back and then pop rivet it in to the wall studs - I'm pleased with the result - it seems very solid and can't move relative to the wall at all.

Shower just needs the screen installed

Sink hooked up and filter installed

Sink waste hooked up

Sink waste line

Toilet all set up

Toilet waste line

Laundry trough all hooked up

Trough waste line and trench

Trough waste line connection to Eco Max