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2010-Oct-2 - Wooroloo - Installing Kitchen #2
Friday evening I made a slow start and was out to site about 8.15 pm.

The first job was to sand back the plaster filling of screw heads in the area behind the sink cabinet.

Then I carefully measured out, placed and siliconned the kick boards to the floor ready to receive the cabinet. I left this for the evening so that the silicon would have a chance to set and lock the kick boards in place.

I managed to seal about half of the grouting in the shower before it was time to turn in. I slept in the bathroom this time as the main kitchen area was fully occupied with cabinets and kickboards. It was a pretty tight fit - I only just managed to fit between the vanity, laundry trough and shower hobb.

Saturday, I made a rather slow start and was in to work by about 8.00 am.

I very carefully and incrementally slid the cabinet off the bricks on to the kick boards - it worked out very well.

I then attached the cabinet through its top and bottom rails to the studs inside the wall behind it. In addition I screwed down through the base in to the kick boards.

That cabinet is going nowhere !

The cabinet was very dirty inside and out and it took me over an hour to give it a good clean.

The sink took even longer - I had to remove the old waste outlet fittings, scrape off old stiff sealant and the perimeter beading.

The mixer tap was also rather tricky - I needed to angle grind a small section out of the apron to allow the bottom washer of the tap to be secured. The thick, stiff nylon washer also needed trimming to fit.

I ended up with a good secure fitting.

One thing that has been bugging me for a while is the fact that the laundry trough bowl can move a little bit on top of its cabinet - I'm worried that someone will climb up on it and pull the splash back tiles off the wall.

Ian, next door advised me to pop rivet through it to the wall studs. Other people have suggested silicon under its lip and across the wall - I'll follow both suggestions. To this end I have set up holes ready to accept the pop rivets after the copper work has been completed.

I had an attempt to roughly fit the sewer piping from the back of the toilet pan, through the wall and in to the waste line outside. Mainly I wanted to see if it would work and if I could use some 100 mm flanges I had bought to cover up the oversize holes I had created in the wall.

I'm afraid it's all a bit beyond me - I was going to get Wayne to do all this at the end of the day, but in truth - I have no idea how it's done.

As the sun was setting - I gave all the newly planted trees along the creek line a good hand watering - everyone's looking healty so far.

After that, I took some measurements of the position of the kitchen waste line on the outside wall and transferred this position as a marking inside the kitchen sink cabinet - this will help us plan how to route the sink waste pipe in to the sewer system

After about an hour's work I finished sealing the grouting in the shower

It was getting pretty late now but I still had some duties - mainly measuring things:

Measure for tidy up mdf sheeting to hide all the holes in the back of the sink cabinet.

Measure up for the two remaining door ways

Count up all electrical circuits for emailing to my electrician

I'm meeting with Wayne early this week to organise the plumbing second fit - hot and cold running water soon !


Met with Wayne at 8.00 am to run through the task list.

Got a few more tips.

Need to buy a few more items.

In theory it all looks straight forward.

Aiming for next Tuesday as the day that Wayne comes out on site to do it all.

I still need to dig a trench for the laundry trough waste line and drill two 50 mm holes through the wall.

I removed the mixer tap so that Linda could take it back to Reeces.

It had a nasty scraping sound, which I did not expect for such an expensive fitting.($217).

Reeces was very good and replaced it without question.

Resized, painted kickboards siliconned to floor

Cabinet slid off bricks on to kickboard base

After a cleanup

Sink installed

Which way to run waste outlet ?

Cross marks position of filtered water tap

Provision to pop rivet back of trough to wall

Pop rivet, detail