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2010-Sep-25 - Wooroloo - Installing Kitchen #1
Friday evening - out to site by 7.30 pm.

I flushed the joints (first base coat) on the kitchen sink wall.

A bit unsure how to do the the second base coat and final top coat at this stage - so waiting to get advice from Rusty.

Got to bed early (10.00 pm) so able to get up early (5 am) on Saturday morning.

While waiting to for Ross to turn up to help with moving the kitchen cabinetry I made a start on grouting the shower tiles.

Ross turned up while I was halfway through a batch of grout - so I needed to defer him for half an hour.

He went of for an hour or two on his own business. While he was away I managed to grout the entire shower including the base and the hobb.

Then it was time to retrieve the kitchen cabinets from the stack we created many months ago.

We very quickly carried all the cabinets in to the kitchen and screwed them together along with the counter top.

Ross then marked out the profile of the cabinets on the floor using masking tape.

By now it was after midday. I worked through to 8.30 pm modifying the existing few surviving pieces of kick board and adding new pieces to create the entire base for the cabinets.

I've taken this home and during the week I will give it a good primer coat and then final coat.


Trevor popped out to visit us and gave me some more advice on standard cabinet configuration.

It turns out that the kick boards should be recessed at least 40mm further in under the cabinets.

This means I need to do some adjustments during the week.

I might still be able to make my self imposed deadline of installing the cabinets next Saturday.


I resized and reassembled the base at home.


I filled the screw heads with two part epoxy (3 passes with sanding back in between) and applied a good oil based primer.


Up at 5.00 am and out to site at 6.30 am. Applied the second base coat on the kitchen sink wall (too hard to work on once the cabinet is installed).

Back home to work by 8.30 am.

Mid day applied a coat of good quality, oil based, gloss white paint.

Flushing joints behind kitchen sink

Grouting the shower

Cabinets assembled and moved to one side

All that's left of the original kick boards

Repairs and modifications

Tricky irregularity

Base resized and reassembled


Top Coat