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2010-Sep-17 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #12
I had hoped to make a few short visits during the week to make some progress.

However I woke up on Monday morning with a bad episode of BPPV (probably from having my head at weird angles while tiling) and this put me behind for the rest of the week.

Got out to site this Friday at about 8.00 pm and finished off the last two rows of tiles in the shower, getting to bed at 1.00 am.

I slept in until 7.00 am the next morning and after breakfast was in to work by 8.00 am.

Next job on my mental list was to apply flexible grouting to the main shower corners and next to the vanity and laundry trough.

Linda and I had bought two different makes of a flexible grout with a colour called "Vanilla".

The first one I tried matched the existing floor grout closely and worked out well next to the vanity and trough.

The other product matched the tiles much more closely and worked well for all the shower corners.

Once this has gone reasonably hard I will be able to grout the rest of the shower.

At this point I nipped down to the creek and spent half an hour hand watering all the seedlings I planted several weeks ago.

Most of them a looking healthy though there are one or two outside the meshed off area that look like they have been attacked by animals.

I must bring some of the mesh cyclinders that we used in Mundaring.

The main job for the day was installing the toilet pan.

I read all the accompanying instructions through several times and then set the pan up with a short piece of waste outlet so that I could trace its outline on the wall.

I used a masonary drill to make about 30 holes around the circumference, knocked it out and then cleaned up using a tiling nibbler.

The outside hole I created using the jigsaw in to the WeatherTex.

I had been expecting the pipe to emerge quite some distance from the existing plumbed riser.

However, it was only 30mm out.

This motivated me to enlarge the holes horizontally so that it could hook up exactly.

The next step was the most scary - cementing the pan in to position.

I mixed a bucket load of 3:1 cement and sand up by hand and formed a mound on the floor 60 mm high.

I then pressed the pan in to this until the lowest point still had 10mm of cement under it and levelled the pan off.

Cleaning all the cement away off the tiles took a few passes.

While I was waiting for the cement to go off a bit, I was also working on applying the grout sealer on the large tiled area.

Got about one sixth of it done - so I can see this is going to be an arduous job.

I'll leave the connection of the waste line and water to the cistern to my plumber, Wayne, to do.

I need to obtain a few more chromed fittings so that I can hook an ordinary garden hose up to the toilet cistern valve to use inside in case of a bushfire.

Cleaned up and left by 8.15 pm.

6th row

7th row

Flexible grout in shower corner

around the laundry trough

around the vanity

Preliminary positioning of the toilet

truncated waste pipe to mark profile on wall

Wall marked up

Hole through inner sheeting

Outer hole enlarged and lined up with waste line

Cement for fixing the pan

60mm high according to instructions

Cleanup 1

Cleanup 2

Toilet pan completed

Cleaned up a bit more a few days later

Grout sealing

This is how I will set up the cistern connection

This is how I will set up the filter head