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2010-Sep-5 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #10
Sunday, late morning - Linda needs to study for a course she is doing - so no excursion to the movies today.

I really had an itch to finish of some of the work from Saturday - so a visit to Wooroloo suited me fine.

First I gave all the recently planted seedlings a good hand water along the creek bank.

Then I glued the top tiles down on the hobb using the rubberised adhesive.

This seems to set very quickly - so I was able to scrape out the grout gaps and wipe down the tile surfaces quite soon after placing the tiles.

Then I coated the grout in the bathroom area with a sealant.

This left me feeling like I had achieved a decent amount of work over the weekend.

Next job - the vertical shower wall tiles and grouting the shower base.

Hobb top tiles also glued down now

Grout sealant