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2021-Oct-9 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #42

The previous Wednesday I had placed and cramped a run of four floorboards.

Today I made the final adjustments and screwed these down.

Next I replaced the upright supports that I had previously removed to give me full access.

I also moved some temporary supports to allow access to the next section of floor.

I started placing and adjusting the next run of four.

However, these are rather tricky as some pieces will extend over a weld seam and I need to rebate a groove so that the boards lie flat.

The boards have a bit of a bow to them so it is difficult to work out their exact positioning until they are screwed down.

For this reason I will clamp and screw the first two boards in the next run and then rebate the next board accordingly.

By the end of the day I had placed all four boards, relocated the clamps, removed two of the boards and then clamped up the first two.

On my next visit I will screw these down and then proceed with the tricky installation.


I reworked the first board of run 13 as my measurements on Wednesday indicated that the joist position on the LHS are a little different from the RHS.

I then went on to create runs 14 through 16.

In the afternoon we headed out to Subiaco Restoration to pick up a hockey stick (for the bull nosed veranda).

We also looked at their door hardware but I think these are beyond our means - for a double sided combination assembly - $300 to $400 per door.


A difficult frustrating day.

I made a late start after responding to a coffee invite from a friend.

Once out on site I carried in the new floorboard runs that I created on Thursday.

Then I adjusted and fastened down the two boards that I set up on Wednesday.

Next I started working on the two tricky floorboard runs that lie over the top of back-to-back PFC beams.

These will need to be screwed down in to 8 mm of steel.

In addition I had to rebate the boards so that they would lie flush over the welded seam.

Linda had bought me a number of 3mm drill bits and at my request these consisted of an assortment of styles and lengths.

Two "normal", two stubbies, two very long.

The "normal" bits were blunt by now and I had broken one.

The long bits did not even scratch the surface (woodworking ?)

The stubbies worked well but were too short meaning that the drill chuck had to grip them on the spiral of the other end - if they jammed - they just snapped off.

This meant that I could not finish fixing down the first of the tricky pair.

I packed up for the day with plans to visit Bunnings first thing on Saturday.

When I reached home I found I had three in my change bowl - so finally a little bit of luck.


I finished fixing down the first tricky board (still managed to break one of the new drill bits).

Next I routed a rebate in the second set of boards.

I was almost 4/5 th the way along when the router bit dropped down and the resistance increased dramatically.

The router bit flew out and nicked my index finger slightly.

To align this run of boards I needed to trim a small step in to the end of one of the boards to fit an uneven layout in the atrium boards.

Not a brilliant result achieved I'm afraid.

I fixed this second tricky run without incident.

By now I had reached as far as possible without reinstalling / uninstalling the next set of supporting uprights - this took me a couple of hours.

It was close to packing up time but I wanted to finish one more job.

So far, I had been checking distance by measuring back to the first board run on the LHS.

This was possible whilst I had the roofing sheet off but will not be practicable once I move further away from the centre.

I took the unused spine from the RHS, threaded it out off the RHS and in to the LHS and fixed it down.

Now I will be able to blindly push my tape measure up to hit this spine as I work further away from the centre.

Finally as dusk was approaching I fastened down the sheeting and packed away my tools.

I had hoped to install runs 13 through to 16 today - a bit of a disappointment but at least I have finished the tricky section.

Progress by the end of the day