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2010-Aug-29 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #17
Sunday morning, Linda and I got moving a lot later than usual, eventually making our way out to site by 10.00 am.

The first job was to scrape out all the gaps between the tiles and vaccuum.

Linda used a "grout saw" (carborundum blade on a handle) and I just used a fine screw driver.

It turns out that the screw driver is a much slower tool and also causes some very minor damage to the glazed edges of the tiles.

Fortunately Linda treated the main large area and I only treated the bathroom area.

This was my first time grouting - so we read the instructions a few times and then mixed up the powder.

Linda was much faster at grouting than I was.

We found that the two 1.5 Kg bags of grout went nowhere as near as far as predicted on the packaging - probably because we have 4mm gaps between the tiles.

After a bit of cursing, swearing and sweating we mastered the skills required and completed the bathroom floor.

I must say that the colour we chose (vanilla) complements the tiles perfectly.

I'm very pleased with the finish we achieved.

After a bit of rough calculation we figured that we need about 15Kg of grouting powder.

With no more grout available for the day, we knocked off at 2.00 pm.

Linda headed home to meet Mousse and friends who were paying us a visit.

I drove down to Bunnings in Midland to buy a 15 Kg bag of grout.

I made sure it was by the same manufacturer with the same colour number.

So I guess it was not a hugely productive day, but I have definitely put in enough hours this weekend.

I'll try to get out to site on a couple of evenings this coming week.

I'm pretty sure I have now mastered the skills needed for grouting.

Looking Good !