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2010-Aug-28 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #8
Friday evening, out to site a bit after 7.00 pm.

I fired up the tile cutter and dealt with the tiles marked up on Thursday.

Then marked up and cut the remaining spaces.

By now it was 9.30 pm and I didn't quite feel brave enough to take the plunge and go ahead with cementing step.

By the time I turned in it was 10.30 pm, an early night, allowing me to get up at 5.00 am next morning.

I made a start at 6.00 am.

I must admit, I was a little apprehensive - this is the most complex and demanding piece of tiling I have done so far.

All I can say is that I am glad I didn't tackle it the previous evening when I was tired.

The most tricky aspect of this job is that all the tiles must be laid at once in order to carry the alignment marks all the way through to the centre tiles.

This has the problem that the outer tiles need additional adhesive under them to create a good fall towards the waste outlet for the shower.

Unfortunately I had not mixed up quite enough adhesive and some of the outer tiles were slumped down.

Nevertheless - I lined up all tiles accurately with spacers, removed the outer tiles and cleaned them down and then removed the adhesive on the floor where they were laying.

Then I made up a large batch of new adhesive, buttered the back of each tile individually, applied extra sloping adhesive to the floor and laid each tile one by one.

It was a fairly messy process and took several passes to achieve a smooth, clean sloping layout.

The end result is pretty good - a strong slope from every edge in to the waste outlet.

I finished this at about 10.00 am - I don't know how it took 4 hours.

Then on to planting the remaining river gum seedlings and the profuse application of mulch around each planting.

I finally cleaned up and left at about 1.30 pm.

This was meant to be my day off - because tomorrow, Linda and I will be out on site again applying all the grouting. So a full day's work lined up for Sunday.

All tiles cut to size

With cutout for floor waste

Cementing down the central tiles

Outer tiles cemented and partly cleaned up

Mulching and planting