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2010-Aug-26 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #7
Thursday, I did a good day's work in my office, so come evening I thought I would treat myself to a site visit.

Having gained Linda's agreement with the tiling pattern in the shower I set about measuring and ruling up the tile layout much more accurately.

This is a bit tricky because I cannot just come parallel of the walls (not quite square).

Instead I need to visually follow the line of the existing tile run so that the shower floor will look ok to the eye.

I marked up most of the edge tiles in preparation for cutting on Friday night.

I've managed to make pretty good use of previous tile offcuts for the edge pieces - I'm rather pleased with that.

You'll notice that the shower waste is not exactly in the centre of the cubicle.

This is because initially I had planned to install a 1000mm square fibreglass cubicle for about $1000.

However, with a bit of effort, a shower screen from the demolition yard, shower membrane and the existing floor tiles - I have managed to create an even more luxurious shower for only $300.

This means it is a bit larger than the original plan.

This will cause no problems at all - the base of the shower will still drain perfectly.

While I was there I also applied some two part filler to the dent in the door frame - I'm a lot happier now that I have started to fix that up.

Tiles measured out accurately

Edge tiles marked up for cutting

Starting to repair the dent in the door frame

The product