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2010-Aug-21 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #16
Yay !

I finally finished gluing down all the edge tiles in the laundry and bathroom areas.

I was out to site by 7.00 pm on Friday night.

The first job was to glue down a few tiles near the back door and then I moved on to all the narrow tiles near the shower hobb.

I worked my way back towards the laundry trough and then turned in for the night at midnight.

Next morning I was up at 6.00 am, back to work by 7.00 am and continued on around the laundry trough, back out through the bathroom door and partway down the laundry wall.

At 9.00 am I headed off to the local primary school to vote and then back to work - from the back door, through the other side of the bathroom door and all along in front of the vanity cabinet.

I then needed to put in a hour of cleaning up - scraping out cement between the tiles and wiping down the surfaces.

Then I spent several hours outside planting small seedlings along the creek line.

The land behind the creek is totally devastated and I am attempting to rehabilitate it by planting trees in a narrow band of land between the creek and fence.

I have not had a huge amount of success with this over the last three years so Ian suggested I try some paperbarks.

I bought four seedlings at my local nursery and Robyn very kindly gave me about twenty river gums for free as well.

I still have about ten of the rivergums left to plant - I'll come back for this during the week one day.

After that I worked on straightening up the appearance of the back door.

This involved removing the door and frame, cutting out some of the tiling, cutting up 2 x 6mm packers and reinstalling.

I found the door was unable to close at this point - the frame had closed in by about 5 mm.

It was starting to get dark at this point and I was not looking forward to getting the house back to lock up stage.

I contemplated attacking the door with a planer and recreating the hinge rebates - but first looked at repacking and reinstalling the door frame.

I had about four attempts at this until achieving a perfect result.

Unfortunately I put a dent in the door frame and scuffed off a lot of paint.

The dent can be fixed with some automotive body filler and the door needed repainting anyway - so everything can be solved.

By now it was 7.00 pm.

I felt that I had experienced quite a successful day so I was in the mood to tackle one more problem.

Due to an oversight of the stud wall designer, and a lack of thinking on the part of the person who welded up the frame - I found that at one wall corner there is no steel backing up the wall sheeting.

I had left it too late to correct this so instead I fastened on a piece of light angle iron using some butterfly fasteners.

It looks a bit ugly at the moment but will be fine once the wall is painted.

Next week Linda and I will grout the floor and then apply grout sealer.

After that I will tile the shower area.

Tiling finished

Back door before correction


Dent in door frame

Securing loose sheeting

Tree planting along the creek line