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2010-Aug-14 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #15
I can't believe it !

I still didn't finish all the tiling this weekend !

I was out to site by 7.00 pm on Friday evening.

Woody had already done at least half the edge tile cutting for me in the laundry area.

I fired up the tile cutter and completed all the other edge tiles in the room with the exception of the external doorway.

This took me a couple of hours to complete.

Then I moved on to the tricky floor waste tiles.

This involved cutting almost a full circle out of one tile for the outlet grill.

I had 3 attempts at this.

The first attempt, I started off using the carborundum saw blade, completed about a third of the circle, then dropped the tile on the floor badly chipping it.

The second attempt, I tried to use the nibbling tool but ended up cracking off an entire corner of the tile.

The third attempt, I used a ceramic hole boring tool, cut about a quarter way through the tile, and then finished it of with the carborundum saw blade.

I probably spent 2 hours messing around with this.

I was midnight by now, so I turned in and slept on my temporary bed.

The next morning up at 7.00am and in to work by 8.00 am (I always find it hard to make an early start on Saturday when I have already worked on Friday night).

The first job was to cut and glue down a brass tile edge at the back external door.

This goes on top of the steel angle iron edge I installed a number of weeks ago.

It took me a couple of hours to cut and the edge tiles at the door - they had quite complex shapes around the door frame.

This meant, however, that I had finally reached the stage where every part of the cement floor was clad in ceramic tile - a bit of a milestone really after all of these weeks of work.

Somehow it was already midday and I still had not started gluing down all the edge tiles.

I did have visions of finalising the laundry and bathroom areas today but this began to look more remote.

Instead, I was hoping that I could at least finish the laundry.

I started off on the easiest tiles along the street wall, then along the wall near Ian, right up to the doorway tiles.

I mixed a small batch of adhesive and then sorted out the three tiles around the floor waste as well as tiles right next to each doorway.

The time had come to switch over to the flexible cement adhesive for both of the doorways.

I used this as a precaution because we are working over the top of a composite of cement and steel.

I was very concerned about leaving cavities under the tiles - so I did not use the trowel with the notching teeth.

Instead I completely filled the area up with adhesive, pushed the tiles in until they reached the required level and scooped away all the excess adhesive.

This was a very messy process and needed a lot of cleaning up work to be done a few hours later - but the safest way to avoid tiles cracking in the future.

I seemed to have mixed up way too much flexible adhesive - so I continued on using this along the wall next to the garage.

By now it had reached 7.00pm. I needed to do just 11 easy tiles to finish the laundry but I found that the cleaning up work, for the flexible cement, was consuming a lot of my time.

By the time I cleaned this up, washed up, packed away and got ready to leave - it was 9.30 pm.

I'm hoping that next Saturday will see me finished in the laundry area and bathroom.

Cutting the rest of the edge tiles

Tiles cut around floor waste, not yet glued down

Tiles cut around the external door way

Now the whole floor is clad

Tiles glued down and cleaned up at the doorway

Flexible adhesive is quite messy