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2010-Aug-10 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #14
Woody is leaving us on Wednesday to stay with friends for a few days.

He was quite keen to finish flushing off the screw heads in the laundry area so we decided to go out to site on Tuesday.

I was also very keen myself to cut and fit as many edge tiles as possible.

We had dinner very early and were out at site a little after 6.00 pm.

I worked on a few tricky tiles around the floor waste grill using a nibbler while Woody worked on the screw heads.

Then we both used the tile cutter to size the edge tiles.

I gave Woody a 2 minute lesson and he very quickly mastered the skill and was off and racing.

He cut edge tiles for two sides of the large room while I concentrated on all the fiddly details in the bathroom.

This was a huge help - it almost gives me a chance of finishing all the tiling this weekend.

We have not glued the tiles yet - I'll do that on Saturday.

Woody posing with the tile cutter

Edge tiles done by Woody

Edge tiles done by Woody

Edge tiles in the bathroom