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2010-Aug-7 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #13
Woody and I were out to site by 6.30 am on Saturday morning.

I set Woody to work on continuing to fill in the screw heads.

He moved on to the other two walls in the laundry area.

My first job was to fill in as many tiles as possible between the reference row in front of the vanity and the back bathroom wall.

I have finally twigged that I can clean the adhesive out between the tile much more easily if I wait about an hour.

This allowed me to place the tiles much more quickly.

Once I had laid all the "full" tiles that I could, it was time to try out a tile cutter hired for the day.

I wanted to start in the most inconspicuous corner possible in case I made mistakes.

This turned out to be between the vanity and the toilet.

At the same time I used the template from Thursday night to mark up the tiles for cutting around the toilet bowl.

I also was confronted with the challenge of cutting around the floor waste.

After a couple of hours of intense experimenting and learning I acquired the skills of cutting, nibbling and filing the edging tiles.

The job around the toilet pan was not perfect, but the toilet bowl will hide any imperfections and after grouting it should take on a fairly professional appearance.

This used up a large chunk of the day, so I then concentrated just on cutting the edging tiles to size for the rest of the day - I will fix them in place next weekend.

This was not as simple as I thought as I had to constantly concentrate on using both halves of the tile to avoid waste.

Also, I realised, that if I needed a particularly narrow edge piece (tried to minimise this happening but still unavoidable) then this needed to be cut out of the complete tile first (two difficult to cut a narrow tile on the machine).

I have just about cut all the edging tiles in the bathroom but the laundry room has not been tackled yet.

I might try to get out to site on Wednesday evening and just do tile cutting.

I am really hoping to finish all the edging this coming Saturday and move on to grouting after that.

Meanwhile, Woody tackled a plethora of jobs - he finished off the screw head sanding in the laundry, completed the repair around the washing machine water connections and tackled the clay wall in the work shop again.

Woody seemed to take a liking to the electric jack hammer and spent several hours on this project, off and on during the day.

This is a big job and has saved many hours of hard work for myself down the track.

Another task that Woody worked on was trimming the branches off the pine trees that had died.

We needed to clean these up as much as we could - so that someone could climb up them without spiky branches and leaves poking them in the face.

At the same time we needed to keep enough of each branch to afford foot holds to a climber while felling the trees.

We had a telescopic ladder that allowed access 10 metres up in to the tree.

After some cleaning up work, Woody demonstrated to me that he could climb 7 metres up in to the tree just using the foot holds.

There a three trees to bring down, so I wish I had Woody for a couple more weekends to prepare them for felling - a good job done !.

Another essential job was to cart all the trimmings away in to a heap and cut them up further until they can be easily loaded on to a trailer.

This cleaning up job is just as arduous as the felling process and after a couple of hours dragging branches around Woody was looking rather tired.

He worked very hard all day and accomplished a lot.

In fact on Sunday he said that just about every bit of him was sore and tired. It's a good thing we had the day off

Filling in between vanity and bathroom back wall

Cutting, nibbling,filing around the toilet & grill

Me, using a tile cutter

Some more edging tiles (RHS of this pic)

Woody cutting into the workshop clay wall

Trimming the pine tree branches

Climbing up in to the trimmed tree

Cutting branches in to small portions