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2010-Jul-31 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #12
Only 27 tiles laid this weekend - though I did need to do a number of other tricky tasks.

We have a Woofer called "Woody" staying with us at the moment - hence a 5.00 am to 6.30 pm day only (ie no staying over Friday night and then working to 9.30 pm Saturday night)

Woody did a number of excellent jobs today and really helped out a lot.

First off I asked him to reinstall the drawers and doors of the refurbished vanity unit.

He was determined to get it "just right" and persisted until he achieved a perfect result.

In the meantime I was completing a row of tiles near the laundry wall up to the doorway (I still need to go back and cut tiles around the floor waste).

I was pleased to find that the tiles, that I was forced to weigh down with bricks last weekend, had turned out perfectly.

The room looked a lot tidier once I removed the piles of bricks.

I bit the bullet and reworked the bottom edge of the back door.

This involved a fair amount of mucking around - dismounting the door, cutting of a strip, tidying it up using a planer, repainting the raw timber, and remounting the door.

Once this issue was sorted, this allowed me to move on and tile up to the door.

Meanwhile, Woody had applied the first round of plaster flushing to the screw heads in the laundry area.

Plus done an excellent job of filling in the gaps in the brick paving at the back door (job started by Moose about a month ago).

The photos below do not show the complete story - after filling in all the gaps, Woody also added an extra row of bricks on one side to make it in to a neat rectangle.

He also put in an hour or two of digging away at a clay wall that needs to be cleaned up in the future workshop area.

Some of this clay is as tough as iron - I forgot to bring the electric jack hammer - so the best I could provide was a mattock.

Anyway - it's looking a lot closer to being ready after this effort.

I had a bit of an extended lunch break - TWO visitors, one after the other, which was very pleasant.

Then on to the bathroom tiling.

I had to spend an hour working out the best tiling line.

We have one line of tiles running from the garage door through the bathroom door.

In theory, if I went at right angles to this I should have the correct line running parallel to the bathroom walls.

However, there is a 5% error if I do this, so I had to fudge the line a little to make it run parallel to one side of the hob.

It will all look perfect once we are finished.

I set up a reference line of tiles running in front of the vanity basin.

This seemed difficult to lay for some reason and took a long time.

However, it should make the job easy to complete next week.

Not as much progress as I would have liked.

I was really hoping to finish off the bathroom and do some tile cutting as well - but I guess this was not a realistic expectation.

What's that saying ?

"A man's reach should always exceed his grasp"

Woody reinstalling vanity drawers and doors

The completed Vanity

Woody flushing off the screw heads

Infilling the paving at the back door

Infill completed

Cleaning up the clay wall in the future workshop

First pass of tiling completed in laundry area

Started tiling in the bathroom