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2010-Jul-24 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #11
53 tiles laid this weekend !

I went out to site and stayed Friday night.

First job was a final gloss coating over the repairs on the vanity cabinet.

This was followed by a second coating of waterproofing on all the shower corners.

Then tiling up until 11.00 pm before going to bed.

I have taken a better radio with me and had the sounds of BBC World News to lull me to sleep.

Got up next morning at 7.00 am, had my usual toast and bought the Saturday paper at the local general store - so all the comforts of home.

Applied a final waterproofing coating across the entire shower surface - looking very sound now.

Then from 10.00 am through to 7.00 pm - just laying tiles.

I'm still very slow but gradually picking up speed.

I found the first bit of work around the local floor grade quite tricky and had to really pile some bricks on top to force the tiles in to the alignment I was seeking.

I just hope when I remove the bricks on my next visit I don't find some horrible jump in the tile edges.

Next visit is going to involve quite a lot of tricky work - I need to pop rivet down the protective edge on the external door sill, shave a bit off the door bottom, fill in near the wall, start in the bathroom and possibly do some tile cutting.

The shower waterproofing kit and extra fabric

Waterproofing Friday night

Waterproofing Saturday morning

Unorthodox - applying force around the floor waste

Making progress