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2010-Jul-22 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #4
I was so mentally stale today (Thursday) that I decided I would be more useful popping out to site for a few hours and sorting out a few items.

(To be more accurate, due to some minor health problems, I have been told to go cold turkey off coffee and going from 6 cups a day to 0 makes it very hard to think straight).

It was a lovely warm sunny winter's day and much more pleasant outside than sitting in my office and programming.

I have a huge amount of work on and cannot afford to take a day off, but hopefully I will be more productive having had a short break.

There were two items I really wanted to work on so that on Friday night / Saturday I can really focus all my effort on tiling.

The first issue was completing the first coat of water proofing on the shower area.

Last week I ran out of the bond breaker fabric and thought I would need to buy a second $100 kit from the hardware.

I was delighted to find that they sell the fabric separately - so for a couple of dollars I saved the cost of a complete kit.

I finished off the work around the drainage pipe and where the hobb meets the wall.

The second issue was finishing the repairs to the vanity cabinet - I applied a second coat of gloss paint to the repaired surfaces

It is really starting to look quite clean and complete now.

Finishing the first coat of shower water proofing

Vanity cabinet repairs looking pretty good