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2010-Jun-30 - Wooroloo - Installing Bathroom #3
Wednesday night I popped out to site to complete a few items in readiness for tiling on Saturday.

I decided to stay out on site overnight.

I didn't finish my tasks until midnight and didn't get to bed unil half an hour later. Plus up at 5.00 am to finish off a few other tasks and drive home while the roads were quiet.

So - rather tired today.

I forgot to take my camera - so no photographs will appear here until Saturday.

The first task was to install the angle iron at the back door. During the week I gave it three coats of good quality primer. I also wanted to give it two coats of top coat before taking it out to site. However, it took 24 hours to dry - so I fixed it in place on Wednesday night and gave it a second coat in situ as I was leaving Thursday morning.

The next task was to continue with repairing the cement sheeting in the bathroom. This was slightly urgent as I hope to paint on the shower sealer on Friday night / Saturday.

I trimmed some scrap sheeting to size and glued it on to the tabs I created last week.

Next, I pop rivetted the brass tile edge on to the step angle iron (not the outside step - the one between the garage and the laundry). I also used some "Liquid Nails" glue at the same time - so I hope this is going to be really strong. We will use the rubberised tile adhesive in this area in case there is any relative movement.

Finally, I used an orbital sander and a hand sander to rub back the patching on the vanity cabinet holes.

As I expected - quite a few repairs needed a second application of filler - so I will do that on Friday night.

During the week I had a chat with my local hardware and Peter recommended "Prepsol" to increase the chance of a gloss paint adhering to the plastic warp surface of the panels.

Peter said he had done something similar himself - so I'm hoping that the paint repair will stick and not flake off.

Back door metal angle on step

Repairs to shower cement sheeting

Tile edge on to inside step

Repairs to the vanity cabinet

Repairs to inside the vanity cabinet