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2021-Sep-25 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #41

I spent a very busy day preparing for the weekend.

To allow easy access to the stair well space from below, at the street level - I needed to remove more of the temporary roof structure.

This took me all day because many of the sheets are strongly bonded to each other by Silastic.

A lot of judicious hammering and prying with a demolition bar was required to get this lot up.

I am getting pretty efficient at this now.

By the end of the day I had exposed the chipboard cover that is over the undercroft laundry area.

We have a resident possum and this is where he had been living.

After some mopping this area was all pristine again.

I think the possum has moved deeper in to the covered area.

I have some very nice possum logs.

I must hang one from a nearby tree and see if I can encourage the possum to move out.

Otherwise he is going to be a bit upset once all of the temporary roof is taken up from the street level floor.

I still have a few more tasks to complete before I can get in to the full swing of installing more floorboards.

I had my first vaccine shot Thursday and I am feeling a bit under the weather.

I had intended to come out to site on Friday, stay overnight and continue on Saturday.

The intention was to go full bore on installing the next 12 floorboard runs.

I even worked very late on Thursday in order to have 12 runs ready for installation.

I am still going out on Friday but I think I will temper my expectations on how much I will complete.


Just as well that I decided to lower my ambitions for Friday as I would have been disappointed with my progress.

Another day gone on preparations:

Stored away another 4 floorboard sets that I had created.

Sorted out the small strips of sheeting on one side of the chipboard covering - ripped to size on Triton.

Removed extraneous part of door frame left in from initial installation.

Set up safety barrier to prevent myself stepping outside chipboard covering.

Removed more sheeting from loft floor stairwell covering.

Vaccumed access surfaces at loft level.

Unbolted central 45 x 90 spine used for clamping against.

Ripped protective tongue pieces to uniform width on Triton.

Used jacks to support temporary loft roof where I needed to remove uprights for full access.

Took first floorboard run and protective tongue piece up to loft.


Very tired today and could not seem to get moving.

I placed the first 4 floorboard runs and setup a string line.

Apart from that spent a lot of time sleeping.

More sheeting lifted

Street level stair well exposed

Progress by the end of Saturday