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2010-May-22 - Wooroloo - Tiling Laundry #4
Alas, this week, we do not have the help of Laurent and Deborah.

They have driven north to sunnier climes

So this week we are on our own. We will miss them.

I was out at site at the usual time - 6.30 am.

I had arranged with Linda for her to come out later and help me move all the kitchen cabinets out of the laundry area so that we could prepare the floor for tiling.

To this end, I folded up all the protective black plastic from last weekend and moved the cement mixer well away from the doorway - so that we could more easily carry the cabinets through.

While waiting for Linda, I continued on with the job of finalising the ceiling in the stairwell area.

I used a collection of plaster board offcuts from the earlier work and managed to patch the area over.

It's a bit motley but far better than looking at raw purlins.

Just as I was finishing this, Linda arrived with all sorts of coffee and naughty Danish pastries from the local Mundaring coffee shop.

We had a very salubrious morning tea and read the Saturday papers.

Then back to work.

We carried all the kitchen cabinets through to the garage area and carefully stacked them next to the refrigerator.

It's amazing what a small area they will fit in to when they are judiciously arranged.

While Linda did a marvelous job vacuuming the laundry floor, I brought in more of the sand pile ready for next week's screeding effort.

I mixed up two buckets of 1 to 4 Bondcrete solution and with two of us working together, this was applied very quickly.

Linda backed out of the back door and I backed out of the laundry / garage door.

It was about 3.30 pm by now. Linda had accomplished her mission and headed home.

I prepared for next week by bringing in the last few barrow loads of sand (7 in all today plus 5 remaining from last week)

I relaid the protective black plastic sheets and brought the cement mixer back in to position.

So - all ready to do some screeding next Saturday - I hope I am much more efficient than last week's effort.

Patching over the stairwell area

Stairwell ceiling finished

Linda arriving with naughty pastries

Kitchen cabinets all stacked up out of the way

Laundry floor coated with Bondcrete

Laundry floor coated with Bondcrete

Sand ready for next week