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2010-May-8 - Wooroloo - Ceiling # 14
Sadly, Peter has left us now and returned to Germany.

We will miss him greatly.

On a brighter note, we now have Laurent and Deborah, a French couple, staying with us. They came out and helped me on Saturday and completed many useful jobs.

I was out to site by 7.00 pm on Friday night.

The uninstalled sheet from last week needed some tweaking to fit it around the extractor ducting. However, I was able to fit it that evening as well as a small 1200 x 800 panel at the end of that run.

Any other areas would have required insulation batts to be installed so I deferred them until the next morning.

However, I did measure and cut the final piece in that area that fitted up to a structural beam.

I set up a makeshift bedroom in the bathroom area again and turned in at 1.00 am in the morning.

Next morning, I was up again at 5.00 am and after a quick breakfast and cleanup was in to work by 5.45 am.

I completed the insulation and installed the remaining gyprock in this area.

I am using 90 mm storm water pipe to duct the rangehood I am installing in the temporary kitchen area.

At the far wall (shared with workshop), I noticed that it was resting on some of the power cabling.

I was concerned that vibration from the rangehood fan could transmit through the ducting and cause wear on these cables. For this reason I made up a metal bracket to lift the ducting right up underneath the floor boards of the ceiling leaving several millimetres of space over the cables.

I was then able to install insulation in to the laundry area shared with the eventual stair well.

The intention here is not to install gyprock all across the room as it will eventually be ripped out again to create the stairwell. I will, however, over the next few weeks, install some of the scrap offcuts in to this area just to make it look a little tidier.

As a start to this objective, I installed a temporary strip, along the length of the stairwell just ot mask off any visible cable runs at the top of the stud framed walls.

This will also prevent dust and noise entering from the workshop area.

The previous week I had Peter install a strip of scrap gyprock on the outside (workshop) wall just to conceal any visible cables at the top of the stud framing.

Once I had sorted out the rangehood ducting, which emerges part way along this wall, I was able to extend this strip.

So hopefully now, I have done everything to keep the electricians happy and they can sign off on their job and submit their paper work to the authorities.

Second sheet installed

Third sheet installed

Finished off to the edge of the stair well

Temporary strip to conceal cables at top of wall