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2021-Sep-18 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #40
I worked out on site on both Friday and Saturday.


I installed the last floorboard on the RHS, reinstalled supporting frames,cleaned up all the debris laying around in the work zone and zipped up all the roofing.


I always knew there would be a bit of work turning the focus from the RHS to the LHS flooring.

I spent the whole day on this and will need a few more hours next visit.

The first job was to rotate the "coat hanger" through 180 degrees and reposition it.

This is a wooden structure, up on the roof, that resembles a clothes hanger.

I use it to roll out a tarpaulin for protection during the rain.

I have been avoiding using it very much as it is such a lot of work to fold up the tarpaulin (9m x 6m) at the end of the day when I am at my most tired.

The structure is almost falling apart as I only built it out of H2 pine.

Anyway, I rotated and repositioned it without it disintegrating.

I then moved my two "flag poles" from one side of the building to the other.

These are scaffolding pipes with a pulley at the top that are used to stretch the tarpaulin out across the work area.

I had an attempt at rigging the tarpaulin as it was quite overcast and the skies were threatening rain.

However, I realised that my positioning was totally wrong - I abandoned this for the moment but now I have a clear idea of how I need to set it up next site visit.

As an experiment, instead of carefully folding up the tarpaulin I just quickly balled it up and placed two large calsil bricks on top - I will check out the consequences next visit.

Next, I moved on to the main purpose of my visit.

On the RHS I had a very convenient access to my temporary set of steps to reach the work area.

I cannot relocate this to the LHS because there is only a narrow set of scaffolding there.

I could keep accessing the work area from the RHS but this would mean a longer and longer crawl through the "gallery" area.

I realised that I could utilise the stairwell area for access on the LHS.

I am not ready to build a stair case yet but I realised that if I removed the temporary covering in the loft floor then I could reach the LHS, via a ladder from the street level.

The main prerequisite for this was to remove some of the temporary roof sheeting above this area to refresh my memory of how this was constructed. Also to remove the covering and clean up all the accumulated dust and rubbish.

This I managed to do.

However, at the same time, I need to remove more of the temporary roof down at the street level in order to easily move a ladder in to the stairwell area.

This is a bit of a pain as many of the sheets area stubbornly stuck together by the copious quantities of sealant I have used.

A lot of levering with a wrecking bar, bashing with a 3 pound hammer and swearing ensued.

At this point it was time to pack up and head home.

I have about 4 more sheets to raise - I will tackle this next visit.

I also have a number of chores still to perform before I can really get on with laying the LHS floorboards.

Last floorboard on RHS