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2010-May-1 - Wooroloo - Ceiling # 13
Again, I headed out to site on Friday evening, arriving about 7.00 pm.

I brought all my tools inside and then set about tidying the laundry / bathroom area so that there was room to install sheets.

This involved a lot of carrying of materials from the laundry area in to the completed garage area with many objects neatly stacked in to piles.

I wanted to use the bathroom as a temporary bedroom to stay over that night.

I also wanted to line the ceiling as much as I could on Friday night without filling the room with dust from the insulation batts.

I cut and installed the first sheet but left it uninsulated.

Then I was able to measure the second sheet and accurately mark and cut out the position of the large light fitting.

I left this waiting for the next morning.

I didn't get to bed until 1.00 am in the morning and then slept fitfully until the alarm went off at 5.00 am - so felt pretty rough and tired the whole day.

After a quick breakfast, and packing away the temporary bedroom, I was able to make a start at 6.00 am.

I pushed insulation batts in above the sheet installed last night and then glued and started to fix the middle sheet with the cut out.

At this point (7.00 am), Linda dropped Peter off and we worked together to drive all the screws in.

Next I needed to spend a fair bit of time messing around with an extension for the exhaust fan ducting.

My main problem was that the flexible ducting provided was about 300mm short.

I had searched around for ducting the same size (70mm) but nothing was compatible.

In the end, I took a short length of 90mm storm water pipe, made a cut along its length and compresed it down to 70mm. I then sealed the join with silicon, wrapped it in two layers of cloth tape and tied it with 5 cable ties.

This then provided a perfect, rigid tube on which to duct tape two pieces of the existing ducting.

Then I installed insulation in the remaining ceiling area (carefully leaving plenty of room around the light fitting).

Peter measured and cut the last piece for the bathroom and we installed it together.

Presently, this sheet is not glued because I need access to this area of the ceiling to bolt to stud frames down from above.

I don't quite know were the day went at this stage.

I moved in to the laundry area and started to install insulation batts. Peter marked up and cut the first sheet of plaster board and we installed that together.

While I was working on the insulation batts, Peter was doing all sorts of good work on a variety of small jobs that needed finishing - backfilling the workshop trenches, cleaning out the temporary gutter and adding more sealant, returning stray bricks to the brick pile, reworking the trims around the switch box back cover.

It was getting towards the end of the day at this stage. I installed another row of batts and Peter marked and cut another sheet - I will install this next Friday night.

So now I am on to the final area - the laundry.

First sheet installed in bathroom

Second sheet ready to go

Second sheet installed

Fixing the third sheet (and dust on lens)

Stud glue for the first sheet in the laundry area

First sheet installed in laundry area